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Best Adjustable Ankle Weights Review and Buyers Guide

Best Adjustable Ankle Weights Review and Buyers Guide

A lot of beginners think that ankle weights are an easy way to increase your workout intensity. Strap them on and just start training, easy as that right? Well, yes and no. It is true that adding weight increases your muscle mass and conditioning. After all, your muscle are forced to work harder because of the extra weight, but use them incorrectly, though, and your ankle weights can do more harm than good.

In this blog post we describe all the important steps and information that you need for finding the best adjustable ankle weights on the market today.

What do Adjustable Ankle Weights do?

The idea behind ankle weights is the same as any type of resistance training. With ankle weights however, you shift the focus from the upper body to the lower body. This makes the ankle weights a perfect tool for a lot of fitness exercises that require additional lower body strength, like hanging leg raises, jump squats, lunges and side leg raises.

As the word already says, the weight is placed around the ankle to create a maximum resistance during the workout as the center of gravity is shifted to the end of the legs. This is why you won’t find many ankle weights above a certain weight. It simply would be too heavy to execute a proper technique and range of motion.

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The Pros And Cons of Adjustable Ankle Weights


  • Increased Energy Consumption

The Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation did a study in 1988, in which the result showed that exercising on a treadmill while wearing ankle weights upped participants’ training intensity and energy consumption, resulting in a increased cardiovascular fitness and fat loss compared to running without ankle weights.

  • Increased Strength & Power

The benefit of ankle weights is that you can add additional resistance to exercises that normally only involves your body weight. Movements like leg raises, side leg raises, donkey kicks etc. can now be performed with extra resistance.


  • Joint Loading

A big problem with adding adjustable ankle weights is the extra pounding your joints have to endure. This extra stress causes injuries and imbalances. Therefore, it is not recommended to do any long running exercises with ankle weights. If you wish to add extra weight during your run you can add a vest or hold dumbbells in your hands. You can also consider adding an incline to your treadmills runs to increase the intensity.

  • Safety

Keep in mind that ankle weights should be used in a save environment. It is not recommended using the weights while using bicycles and other fitness machines.

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How to Use Adjustable Ankle Weights?

In order to change the physical appearance of certain body-parts, you must increase the amount of resistance they’re subjected to. Overload is a fundamental principle of fitness based on the premise that when you subject your body to stresses greater than those to which it is accustomed, it will adapt.

Based on the pros and cons, it is recommended to use adjustable ankle weights in a controlled environment that allows you to execute this overload. Ankle weights can be used for static bodyweight exercises and even standing martial arts movements, but is not recommended for long running exercises. As long as there is no stress on the joints for longer periods of time, training with ankle weights can provide great benefits.

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Best Adjustable Ankle Weights on The Market Today

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