Eating a Banana Before Bed – 4 Reason Why it is a Great Idea!

Eating a Banana Before Bed – 4 Reason Why it is a Great Idea!

Let me get right to the point.

Consuming carbohydrates before bed is not bad!

Say what? – But is that not the golden rule when you want to lose weight? No carbohydrates before bed?

For years we heard that eating carbohydrates before bed is a No Go!  The reason behind this rule is the assumption that consuming carbohydrate-rich food before bed would be instantly stored as fat.

Therefore, eating a banana before bed (or any in fact any meal containing carbohydrates) was considered a bad thing.

Altough there is some truth to this statement it is important to point out that this “rule” forget to mention 4 very important facts.

These important facts actually show the importance of eating healthy snacks before bed and how the banana is actually the best food to eat at night

What are these 4 facts? – Lets find out!

eating a banana before bed

Why eating a banana is the best thing to eat before bed!

Quality of Food

The quality of the food that you eat before sleeping is considered an important contributing factor when trying to lose weight.

When you mention that eating before bed is actually a good thing, people assume you are talking about massive meals full of calories.

Well, this could be the case if you are running a marathon the very next day, but if you are just the average joe trying to lose some extra weight for health reasons it is important you understand that it is all about : Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y!

Got it? 

Good! Now that you know that quality is number one, it is time to see what makes eating a banana before bed one of the best health bedtime snacks.

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Important Nutrients

Eating a banana before bed

To get the best nutrients you need to eat healthy snacks before bed.

Bananas are rich in the following nutrients:potassium, fiber, magnesium, and vitamin B6. Now lets find out why these nutrients are so important and how they help you reduce stress, increase health and so much more!


A medium-size banana contains about 400mg potassium, whilst the recommended intake for adults is 4,700 mg each day. consuming food that is high in potassium is beneficial to lowering high blood pressure. It helps (together with magnesium) to prevent muscle cramps during your sleep, relaxing the muscles, and a better overall sleep.


In a medium-sized banana you will find 2.5 g of fiber. The recommended dosage of fiber per day is 38g for men and 24g for women. Most people never reach these levels, therefore eating a banana before bed is an excellent choice to reach to desired daily dosages of fiber. Fiber is used by your body to help your digestive system.


Magnesium is a mineral that is known to lessen muscle pains, reduce muscle tension, reduce headaches, improve your sleeping cycle, and helps with anxiety and depression.

Vitamin  B6

vitamin B is known for helping to maintain a healthy metabolism, liver, skin, eyes and increase your energy levels. It also helps to produce melatonin, serotonin and tryptophan during your sleep.

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Stops Sugar Cravings

stop sugar cravings by eating a banana before bed

Stop sugar cravings by eating a banana before bed!

Eating a lot of sugar and processed foods will cause a decrease in your serotonin levels. The higher these levels are the less cravings you will experience, therefore it is very important to follow a good diet to end these horrible cravings.

But of course people love to eat sweet things, therefore eating a banana before bed is an excellent way to stop the craving and help prevent you for taking high calorie foods like sweets, chocolate, and others junk food.

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Sleeping Fuel

Eating a Banana Before Bed

This is a question we get asked a lot: “What to eat before bed to lose weight?”

What a lot of people forget is that sleeping is actually an activity as well. When you sleep your body is undergoing a whole bunch of different recovery processes that all require a good amount of energy.

Energy that needs to come from somewhere, right?

I am sure you have experienced it all before. When you are on a diet it is almost impossible to fall a sleep. The whole time you are thinking about eating and for hours you are staring at the ceiling not being able to sleep.

Sleep deprivation is the all-time enemy when it comes to weight loss. The more sleep-deprived you are, the higher your levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This causes an increase in your appetite, which will cause those heavy sugar cravings. Therefore, having a complete sleeping cycle is crucial.

Eating a banana before bed allows your body to prepare for your sleep cycle, lower your cortisol-levels and keeps the blood sugar levels stable during the night. And with only on average 100 to 120 kcal per serving it is also very low in calories.

The best fruit to eat before bed by a long shot!

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